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January 3, 2005

Voices of Iraq

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OpinionJournal has Arthur Chrenkoff’s biweekly roundup of underreported news from Iraq. Given the nature of news, “underreported” usually means “good.”

Most enlightening perhaps, is his discussion of the Voices of Iraq project. A couple of film producers distributed 150 digital video cameras to ordinary people all over Iraq and basically said, go interview your friends, your relateives, each other, whoever has something to say. The result is a mosaic of views different from each other and unslanted by the bias of western reporters asking leading questions.

Though I haven’t seen the film, I actually heard the producers on the radio last week, and their “summary” of the film was fascinating. The picture that emerges is one of people who are optimistic, positive — and very eager to vote, if for no other reason that to send a message to the “insurgents” that they will not be tolerated. The overwhelming majority are tremendously grateful to be rid of Saddam, and their attitude toward American troops seems to be “Thanks very much for giving us our country back, now go home — but not yet, we still need to get rid of these insurgents first.” Which is basically what the plan is anyway.

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  1. Dave Schuler Says:

    On a different but related not you might be interested in taking a look at the Carnival of the Liberated. It’s a weekly sampler of posts from Iraqi bloggers. I, ahem, edit the thing for Dean Esmay every week. I try to get a good variety of opinion and subject matter every week and read all of the posts for the week from a hundred or so English-language Iraqi blogs.

    In other news there are a hundred or so English-language Iraqi blogs. ;-)

  2. Different River Says:

    Thanks! I’ve been meaning to add some Iraqi blogs to my blogroll also. In fact, looking at that long list (I added a bunch last night), I think I need some more categories…

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