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January 4, 2005

Eating Ice

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Here’s something I never would have guessed: An excessive desire to eat ice has a name: “pagophagia.” And it can be a sign of anemia due to (for example) gastrointestinal bleeding.

9 Responses to “Eating Ice”

  1. panda Says:

    Hmmmmmmmm — is there a special name for an excessive desire to eat ice *cream*? :) (Other than pregnancy, for all you smark alecks out there! :)

  2. sharon Says:

    I hear that excessive ice eating can have damaging effects on the herar
    is that true

  3. Rena Nunn Says:

    I am trying to find out if it is harmfull to eat too much ice.

  4. sheryl Crouch Says:

    I eat 10 to 12 cup of ice a day what is this doing to me.

  5. precious Says:

    i love eating ice but people around me are worried but i dont see anything wrong wit
    wot do u think

  6. jennifer Says:

    i had intenstinal obstruction foe a year it was the most painful thing in my life i had it removed onmarch 27 about 12 wekks later now i cant stop
    eating ice i know i am bleedign and dont know what to do.
    gastronenterologist said to have a colonoscopy
    and i really dont feel likeit i guess i really need one.

  7. Different River Says:

    Sounds like you do.

    Many months after posting this, I found I have anemia. It’s real easy to treat — just take the appropriate amount of iron pills — but it can be a sign of something serious, so make sure you get it checked out. I’ve had a colonoscopy and it’s not as bad as they say.

  8. Carl Says:

    I had a procedure to scope my kidney, and they discovered a tumor (non cancerous
    thankfully. Anyway, I do bleed from time to time when I urinate, often
    quite heavily. Now, I find I am eating an enormous amount of ice.
    I am quite addicted to eating it, and really crave it everyday. It’s interesting
    how many people have said they also loose blood? I will try to increase
    my iron intake and see what happens- I guess what bugs me most is,
    no one can say if the habit is dangerous, or not. I tend to think its
    a harmless habit?

  9. Different River Says:

    Carl: I would suggest you go see a physician about this. They can test the iron level in your blood and see if it’s too low, and see if you are taking enough iron — or if something more serious is going on. Low iron is a problem itself, and can also indicate a more serious problem. When they give you an iron test, tell them what you are doing to increase your iron intake so they know what it is that they are measuring.

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