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January 4, 2005

The whole concept is wrong

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A very long time ago, I heard an ad on the radio, I for Apple Computers (as Christmas presents), which contained the following dialog from the return counter of a fictional department store:

Customer: I’d like to return this “Home Salad Bar.” It’s wrong.

Store Clerk: What’s wrong with it?

Customer: The whole concept is wrong!

There have actually been occasions when I’ve imagined having a salad bar at home would be a good thing, but I was reminded of that ad when I saw the following.

Here, the whole concept is completely wrong, and utterly hilarious!

Without further ado, we present: The Portable Cellular Phone Booth.

Of course, here’s something even more wrong.

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  1. Karl Says:

    Actually, given the fact that I’ve twice put together salad bars for parties, I wouldn’t mind having a home salad bar. (I’m having to work out quantities slowly, over time, with experience.)

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