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January 5, 2005

Parental consent?

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In California, children no longer have the right to control their own bodies.

In 2004, the California legislature passed AB 2193, making it illegal for a anyone under 18 to get a tan at a tanning salon without a parental consent, and those under 14 are completely prohibited from “using a tanning device,” even with parental consent. (Hat tip: Jeff Ballabon via Kathryn Lopez via the Modesto Bee, which didn’t get the details quite right.)

And of course (of course?), students are prohibited from having drugs in school, even if those drugs are medications prescribed by a licensed physician for that student. Possessing drugs in school — with a doctor’s prescription — could get you expelled, or at least suspended. All drugs have to be kept in the school office, in case — well, in case a school administrator wants to steal them!

So we see, children are not in control of their own bodies, or their own medical care. They can’t alter their bodies without parental permission, and they can’t get medical care in school, even with a doctor’s order.

Unless there’s an abotion involved.
If there’s an abortion involved, someone who’s not even related, never mind a parent, can take a 13-year-old girl out of school, without her parent’s knowledge but with the school’s knowledge, to get an abortion. And when the abortion goes wrong and the girl starts
hemorrhaging in school, the school will call, but will claim they “don’t know” why she is bleeding. And when they finally tell the girl’s mother that the girl was taken to Planned Parenthood, that wonderful organization will treat said mother’s “parenthood” as a very bad reason to be there, and will say that it is illegal to tell the parent anything about her 13-year-old daughter’s condition, since it’s “confidential.” When she gets upset about this, they then threaten to arrest her for having the temerity to inquire about her daughter’s condition.

Of course, if they were dentists extracting a wisdom tooth, it would be illegal to do so without this same parent’s written consent. And if they were a tanning salon in California, it would be completely illegal, even with the consent of both the parent and the doctor.

This comes to us from Whole Wheat Blogger, who comments that the fact that this involves a school just deepens the irony (or hypocrisy):

I see stories about kids being suspended for being in possession of medicine, but it’s perfectly ok to let a stranger remove a child from school to have an abortion. I saw a story about a young boy who got in trouble for patting a girl on the butt to get her attention, but it’s perfectly ok to let a stranger remove a child from school to have an abortion. Kids get in trouble if they bring a GI Joe figure to school and it has a small plastic pistol, but it’s perfectly ok to let a stranger remove a child from school to have an abortion.

Of course, one has to wonder why these two thirteen-year olds were having sex. Good sex education classes, I guess.

Remember when abortion advocates used to argue that “abortion should be treated the same as any other medical procedure”?

Nowadays, that kind of argument can get you labeled as a dangerous pro-life extremist, or even get you arrested!

2 Responses to “Parental consent?”

  1. Jim Says:

    One exception – state law now mandates that students be allowed to carry some prescription medications.

    Excellent point though. It all falls back to legislating morality. Every special interest gets their back stroked once or twice and the result is a cacophony of disparate and contradictory bull.

  2. Different River Says:

    Jim, you’re right about the new asthma law. I initially thought that was to prevent disciplinary actions like this in Texas. But it turns out Texas has had a similar law since 2001.

    By the way, your post on this was excellent, and much more concise than mine!

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