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January 9, 2005

Louise Woodward is now a lawyer

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Remember Louise Woodward? She was the British au pair who was convicted of second degree murder in Massachusetts in connection with the death of 8-month-old Matthew Eappen. She faced a life sentence in prison, but the judge reduced the conviction to involuntary manslaughter, reduced her sentence to time served (while the trial was in progress) and let her go home to England. Her parents were eventually charged with fraud in connection with her defense fund.

Matthew Eappen’s parents filed a civil suit against her. She didn’t respond, a default judgement was entered, and she didn’t pay.

Well, Louise went back to England, went to law school, andnow has a job as a solicitor at at a British law firm, North Ainley Halliwell. According to Manchester Online, “Louise said her experiences in America – where she was convicted of killing a baby in her care seven years ago – had encouraged her to think about a legal career. “

What an inspiring experience tht was, being charged with murder! And in America, the lawyers are so wonderful, they inspire clients to follow in their footsteps!

Her background was not ignored, by the way — the Law Society held a special hearing and determined ‘she was of “fit and suitable character” to practise law. ‘

She is reported to be specializing in commercial law.

Better that than child welfare law, I guess.

(Hat tip: I first heard about this from The Uncivil Litigator.)

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  1. Alexandra Says:

    Personally, I think she was railroaded.

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