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January 17, 2005

Aerial Photo of La Conchita

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Doc Searls has an aerial photo of La Conchita, California taken from an airplane on approach to Santa Barbara this past Friday, after the recent mudslide. It clearly shows the area of the mudslide, and evidence of several other mudslides in the immediate vicinity, mostly in unpopulated areas. Take a look, it’s really does show the “whole picture” (no pun intended).

For reference, for those of you who are familiar with Southern California, but (like me) had no idea where La Conchita is and discovered Mapquest doesn’t seem to know either: It’s on the Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1 and US-101) in between Ventura and Santa Barbara, about 5 miles from Carpinteria. There’s a map here. There is also topographic map from 1869 and an aerial photo from 1927 (the first ever) here , courtesy of Jeff Hemphill, a graduate student in the Geography Department at UCSB.

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  1. Ben Says:

    Oh please. With you it’s always pun intended.

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