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January 17, 2005

Gratitude from Afghanistan

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Quite often, “media bias” occurs not in the stories the mainstream media reports, but in the stories it doesn’t report. Here is blogger Arthur Chrenkoff writing in OpinionJournal:

Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard, who traveled to Afghanistan to witness the inauguration of President Hamid Karzai, quotes from the speech by the country’s first democratically elected leader:

Whatever we have achieved in Afghanistan–the peace, the election, the reconstruction, the life that the Afghans are living today in peace, the children going to school, the businesses, the fact that Afghanistan is again a respected member of the international community–is from the help that the United States of America gave us. Without that help Afghanistan would be in the hands of terrorists–destroyed, poverty-stricken, and without its children going to school or getting an education. We are very, very grateful, to put it in the simple words that we know, to the people of the United States of America for bringing us this day.

Sounds familiar? It shouldn’t. As Hayes writes, “Sadly, most Americans never heard these words. Gratitude, it seems, is not terribly newsworthy. Neither is democracy. The Washington Post played Karzai’s inauguration on page A-13, a placement that suggested it was relatively less important than Eliot Spitzer’s decision to run for governor of New York or the decision of the U.S. government to import flu vaccine from Germany.” As columnist Charles Krauthammer commented on the mainstream media’s reaction to the inauguration, “Miracle begets yawn.”

I’d like to add that the United States of America would likely not have done all that for Afghanistan were it not for the attacks of Sept. 11., 2001.

Remember that next time someone says the U.S. responded to 9/11 by doing bad things to innocent Muslims.

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