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January 25, 2005

New Antisemitism in Russia?

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I’m sure the full story on this has yet to come out, but what has come out is worrisome. Yesterday, Moscow News (English online edition) reported yesterday:

About 20 members of the State Duma [Russian Parliament --DR] have approached the Prosecutor General’s Office with a request to “ban all Jewish organizations” because, the MPs claim, they are “extremist”. The group published an open letter to the Prosecutor General in Rus Pravoslavnaya newspaper.

The MPs (representing the Communist faction, the nationalist Motherland party, and the radical Liberal Democrats) and about 500 other people, mostly journalists and editors of nationalist newspapers, called the Jewish religion “anti-Christian and inhumane, which practices extend even to ritual murders.”

They also wrote that “the whole democratic world today is under the financial and political control of international Jewry. And we do not want our Russia to be among such unfree countries.”

(Boldface added.)

This is pretty serious stuff — classical, 19th-century-style, vicious antisemitism. But that was yesterday. Today, the same web site reports:

A group of deputies from the State Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, has retracted a demand, sent earlier to the Prosecutor General’s Office, to ban all Jewish organizations in Russia.

No reason was given for the retraction. It seems hard to believe that they really changed their minds that fast. Did they sign something without reading it, or do they believe what they signed, but decided that signing it made them look bad?

Meanwhile, the web site itself has editorialized against the petition, under the title, “Russian MPs Bring Shame to Soviet Liberators of Aushchwitz.”

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