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January 26, 2005

Encouraging Kids to Smoke

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Clayton Cramer reports on the latest effort to get kids to smoke:

Yeah, “It’s just a plant,” but it’s a vile habit, with some unpleasant and destructive results. And now there’s a children’s book, even. Will those corporate greedheads ever stop? Oh, whoops! It’s not tobacco this new children’s book teaches kids is okay:

The holidays are over, but if you spaced on buying the budding reader in your life a present, Ricardo Cortes’s It’s Just a Plant is available on the Barnes & Noble Website this month. It’s the story of Jackie, a young girl who walks in on her parents smoking marijuana. The rest of the book follows a fact-finding mission Jackie and her mom take to learn more about pot. They visit Farmer Bob, who grows it, and Dr. Eden, her mom’s groovy physician (who warns the child not to use the drug till she’s an adult). Then they run into some guys passing around a spliff in front of a Chinese takeout joint [pun intended? --DR], who are promptly busted. That’s when she learns that “a small but powerful group decided to make a law against marijuana” from one of the cops, who lets the tokers go with a warning. And Jackie decides she’s going to “vote to make the laws fair” when she grows up.

Then there is this whopper:

“The book is not pro-drugs by any means,” says Cortes.

Really? What would he consider “pro-drugs”?

Or did marijuana kill so many of his brain cells he doesn’t know the different?

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