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January 26, 2005

Very Bad Timing

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I never thought I’d be linking to ESPN but here goes:

Here’s a movie idea: diehard Red Sox fan falls into a coma before the 2004 playoffs, spends the next four weeks fighting for his life, then regains his senses after the World Series. He survives … only he feels ripped off, because as millions of Sox fans say, “I saw them win in my lifetime,” this poor guy is the one who didn’t see anything.

Never mind. It’s too improbable, right?

Meet Steven Manganello, known from this day forward in Red Sox history as The Coma Guy.


Growing up in Maine, his family followed the Sox because his grandfather did, one more diehard who ended up with these dates on his tombstone: 1917-2003. Ouch.

Here’s the article.

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