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January 30, 2005

Iraqis Vote for Democracy

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Anyone who thought that the U.S. was imposing Democracy on Iraqis without their consent (and I’ve received several e-mails to that effect) should be convinced now that Iraqi people want Democracy, even in the face of all sorts of terrorist threats to kill them if they voted. I haven’t heard any results yet, but early reports show voter turnout at 60-72% — and every vote for any candidate is a vote for Democracy.

Note that that’s higher than the turnout in a typical U.S. presidential election; if the correct number is 72%, it’s much higher. And in the U.S. we normally don’t have lots of terrorists threatening to kill us for the “crime” or “heresy” of voting. According to Zarqawi, anyone who votes is an infidel, and al-Jazeera reports that bin Laden agrees.

Let’s not forget, however, the ultimate sacrifice made by 28 voters who were killed by suicide bombers at polling stations.

More at PowerLine.

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