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February 3, 2005

Iran Responds to Bush

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In his State of the Union Address last night, President Bush said, in part:

We’re working closely with the governments in Asia to convince North Korea to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

Today, Iran remains the world’s primary state sponsor of terror — pursuing nuclear weapons while depriving its people of the freedom they seek and deserve. We are working with European allies to make clear to the Iranian regime that it must give up its uranium enrichment program and any plutonium reprocessing, and end its support for terror. And to the Iranian people, I say tonight: As you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you. [Applause]

Today, Iran responded.

Bush’s remarks enraged Iran’s conservative [sic] state-controlled media. State television accused him of trying to capture Middle East oil under the pretext of promoting democracy in the region.

“Why is Bush only interested in promoting democracy in oil-rich regions?” asked one radio commentator.

Since when does North Korea have oil? Is there something that Iranian radio commentator knows that the world’s geologists don’t?

Not-Exactly-Suicide Bombings

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Having plunged the depths of evil and hit rock-bottom, the terrorists have now started to dig. They can’t seem to recruit enough suicide bombers anymore, so they are going to mental health clinics and kidnapping mentally impaired people and strapping bombs to them and telling them to walk to whatever they want to target — an election center, for example.

Omar at Iraq the Model describes how they blew up a person with Down’s Syndrome (and apparently no one else), and tried to kidnap a cousin of Omar’s while he was standing front of the place where he gets his medication.

I strongly believe that terrorists are cowards but the cowardice you’re going to see in this story is just exceptional.

The suicide attack that was performed on an election center in one of Baghdad’s districts (Baghdad Al-Jadeedah) last Sunday was performed using a kidnapped “Down Syndrome” patient.

Eye witnesses said (and I’m quoting one of my colleagues; a dentist who lives there) “the poor victim was so scared when ordered to walk to the searching point and began to walk back to the terrorists. In response the criminals pressed the button and blew up the poor victim almost half way between their position and the voting center’s entrance.”

I couldn’t believe the news until I met another guy from that neighborhood who knows the family of the victim. The guy was reported missing 5 days prior to elections’ day and the family were distributing posters that specified his descriptions and asking anyone who finds him to contact them.

When a relative of mine (who has a mental handicap due to an Rh conflict at birth) told me a month ago that a group of men in a car tried to kidnap him as he was standing in front of the institution he periodically visits to get medicine and support waiting for his brother; I thought that he was imagining the whole story.

He said that they tried to force him into the car telling him not to be afraid and that they’re from the “mujahideen and not going to hurt him.” My relative, despite his handicap was moved by his survival instinct and managed to run away.

After I heard the other story, I began to connect between the two stories and to consider my cousin’s story as a true one that uncovered a new miserable war technique that can come only from the sickest minds.

The pathetic terrorists are breaking one world record after another in cowardice and insanity and this tells how bankrupt they’re getting.

There is a news account of the story here. Some excerpts:

Amar was 19, but he had the mind of a four-year-old. This handicap didn’t stop the insurgency’s hard men as they strapped explosives to his chest and guided him to a voting centre in suburban Al-Askan.

And before yesterday’s sunrise in Baghdad, his grieving parents loaded his broken remains on the roof of a taxi to lead a sorrowful procession to the holy city of Najaf. There, they gave him a ceremonial wash, shrouded him in white cotton and buried him next to the shrine of Imam Ali, the founder of their Shiite creed.

He had Down syndrome or, as the Iraqis say, he’s a mongoli, and when his parents, Ahmed, 42, and Fatima, 40, went to vote with their two daughters Amar was left in the family home.

But one of Amar’s cousins, a 29-year-old teacher who asked not to be named, retreated to a distracted state in which Iraqis often discuss death to tell their story as best they can. “They must have kidnapped him,” he said. “He was like a baby. He had nothing to do with the resistance and there was nothing in the house for him to make a bomb. He was Shiite. Why bomb his own people?

“He was mindless, but he was mostly happy, laughing and playing with the children in the street. Now, his father is inconsolable; his mother cries all the time,” the teacher said.

After voting at 7.30am, Amar’s parents joined their extended family for a celebration that became a lunch of chicken and rice, soup and orange juice, at the home of a relative.

The sound of the explosion interrupted the party. But, the cousin said, it was assumed to be a mortar shell, a follow-up to the barrage across the city in the first hours of voting.

“Everyone was very happy and excited, but news came that a mongoli had been a bomber. Ahmed and Fatima became distressed and they raced home. They got neighbours to search and one of them identified Amar’s head where it lay on the pavement and his body was broken into pieces.

“I have heard of them using dead people and donkeys and dogs to hide their bombs, but how could they do this to a boy like Amar?”

This technique is revolting, but it is unfortunately not new. Back in March, Palestinian terrorists tried the same thing in Nablus, twice:

A 16-year-old Palestinian youth with a suicide bomb vest strapped to his body was caught at a crowded West Bank checkpoint today.

The family of the teenager, identified as Hussam Abdo, said he was gullible and easily manipulated.

“He doesn’t know anything, and he has the intelligence of a 12-year-old,” his brother, Hosni, said.

“We saw that he had something under his shirt,” said Lt Tamir Milrad.

The soldiers dove behind concrete barricades, pointed their guns at Abdo and ordered him to stop.

On their orders, he took off his jersey, revealing a large gray bomb vest underneath.

“He told us he didn’t want to die. He didn’t want to blow up,” Milrad said.

The soldiers sent a small yellow robot to hand Abdo scissors to cut off the vest … .

“In addition to the fact that he would have harmed my soldiers, he would have also harmed the Palestinians waiting at the checkpoint, and there were 200-300 innocent Palestinians there,” said the commander of the checkpoint, who identified himself only as Lieutenant Colonel Guy.

On March 16, Israeli troops stopped an 11-year-old boy allegedly trying to smuggle explosives through the same checkpoint.

Israel said militants had given the boy the explosives without his knowledge, either to ferry across the checkpoint or to be blown up by remote control when he got near soldiers.

Next time someone tells you we need to get out of Iraq, remember the type of “people” who are trying their hardest to get us to leave, and try to imaging Iraq run by them instead of the 8 or 9 million people who voted.

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