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February 8, 2005

Discrimination in Brookline

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Chinese-born U.S. Army second lieutenant and a 53-year-old African-American domestic abuse victim have been denied the right to carry a gun in Brookline, Massachusetts — and in the case of Lt. Kang Lu, it was the renewal of his permit that was denied.

Why, do you ask, did the Brookline police deny Lt. Lu his renewal? Because that scofflaw (boo! hiss!) was once caught reading in the wrong section of a public library.

Apparently, in Brookline, that’s a crime.

From the Brookline TAB:

But on a weekday afternoon in June 2002, Lu said a [Coolidge Corner Library] staff member approached him and said he had to leave his study table because he was told it was in the “children’s section.” He noted that no children were in that section of the library, but was told to leave the area anyway.

“I told the librarian ‘If you believe I’m violating a law, call the police and see what they say.’”

A short time later, police arrived at the library, and Lu said officers told him that he was violating library policy and could be cited for trespassing if he did not clear the area.

In a June 24, 2003, letter to Lu from O’Leary, however, “the facts surrounding the incident you were involved in at the Coolidge Corner Library” was listed as the first among the reasons why Lu’s license to carry was pulled.

Folks, as Dave Barry would say, I am not making this up. I could not make this stuff up! I am not nearly creative enough to make up a world as completely, totally, unremittingly loony as what passes for reality in the Bay State.

For the full story — and it gets worse, much, much worse — see the aptly named blog mASS BACKWARDS, which has the full TAB article with an excellent point-by-point commentary.

(Hat tip: Clayton Cramer.)

You know, you would never know from the situation now that the American Revolution started just outside Boston, with a conflict over the (British) government’s confiscation of guns.

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