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February 13, 2005

Neo-Nazis Demand Apology for Dresden Bombing

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This the sort of thing you’d expect to read in The Onion, but it’s actually a Reuters wire story:

Neo-Nazis March as Dresden Remembers War Dead

Feb 13, 10:04 AM (ET)

By Alexandra Hudson

DRESDEN, Germany (Reuters) – Waving black flags and carrying banners, thousands of neo-Nazis marched in Dresden on Sunday, marring the official 60th anniversary commemoration of one of the fiercest Allied bombing raids of World War II.

Police said at least 3,000 people joined the march in the eastern German city, making it one of the biggest far-right demonstrations since the war. Before the march, police said 5,000 attended a neo-Nazi rally.

Official ceremonies began with a wreath-laying ceremony at a mass grave for 20,000 victims while neo-Nazi marchers elsewhere in the city carried balloons saying: “Allied bomb terror — then as now. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden and today Baghdad. No forgiveness, no forgetting.”

Dresden, untouched by bombing just months before the end of World War II, was nearly destroyed by two waves of British bombers on the night of Feb. 13, 1945. U.S. planes blasted the city the next day.

“We expect an official apology from Britain,” NPD leader Udo Voigt told Reuters on the margins of the march.

[Emphasis added.]

Yes, you read that right — the Nazis want an apology from Britain for the bombing of Dresden.

Did they forget, perhaps, that it was the Nazis who started the war with Britain? Did they ever apologize to Britain for the bombings of London Coventry, and other British cities? Did they ever apologize to Poland, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Russia, or any of the other counties they invaded?

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