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February 17, 2005

Europe says Hezbollah is not a Terrorist Group

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According to this article in the New York Times, the European Union is refusing to add Hezbollah to its list of terrorist groups. This in part in response to a formal request from U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to do so. Not all European countries object — The Netherlands, Italy and Poland are supporting the American position. The opposition is led by France and includes Germany and Britain.

Hezbollah regularly sponsors suicide bombing in Israel and rocket attacks from bases in south Lebanon on towns in northern Israel. If they aren’t a terrorist group, what is? In particular, if Hezbollah is not a terrorist group, it’s hard to see how (say) al-Qaeda is one.

Why does this matter? As long as they are not designated as a terrorist group by the EU, Hezbollah can legally raise money in Europe for its operations. It is hardly a stretch to say that by refusing to list Hezbollah, the European Union is indirectly helping to fund terrorist operations.

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