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February 22, 2005

George Washington and Religious Freedom

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On the occassion of George Washington’s birthday (actually today, never mind that the federal holiday was yesterday) PowerLine has an excellent post reflecting on George Washington’s particular type of greatness, as reflected in his leadership at the Constitutional Convention, and his visit to Newport, Rhode Island in 1790, on the occasion of Rhode Island becoming the 13th state to ratify the Consitution, thus completing the Union.

One outcome of that visit was President Washington’s famous letter in response to a letter of greeting from Moses Seixas, the “warden” of the Touro Synagogue, the Jewish congregation in Newport, then as now the second oldest Jewish congregation in the United States. Washington’s letter is justly famous; Seixas’ letter unjustly less so. PowerLine reproduces it in full.

Read the whole thing.

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