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February 23, 2005

Is this just to confuse us?

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I used to think the term “Paris Hilton” referred to a hotel in France, but it turns out that hotel is actually called the “Hilton Paris.” “Paris Hilton” is not a hotel, but is related to that hotel; specifically, she is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, fonder of the hotel company of which “Hilton Paris” is a part. So, “Hilton Paris” is a hotel, but “Paris Hilton” is the great-granddaughter of a hotelier. This sort of reminds me of the mock-history of France which refers to “Charles de Gaulle who was President for many years but is now an airport.”

But anyway, if if this weren’t confusing enough by itself, Paris Hilton (the person) is now dating a new boyfriend named Paris Latsis. She is named Paris and he is named Paris. I guess if they get married, they will both be named Paris Latsis.

Imagine the confusion when someone calls on the phone. “May I please speak to Paris Latsis?” “Would you like Mr. Paris Latsis or Mrs. Paris Latsis?” And of course, this will be without the new-age sort of marriage of the type where a person marries herself.

Perhaps they will honeymoon at the Paris Hilton … oops, I mean the Hilton Paris.

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