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February 24, 2005

Oppose the troops!

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Here in the U.S., almost everybody claims to “support the troops” regardless of their position on the war. Even hard-core liberals who hate the military generally claim to support the individual soldiers (and sailors and airmen and marines) even if they view them as victims of the war (“Support the troops by bringing them home!), a position most in the military would not exactly find supportive.

Nevertheless, there are some people who think even this is too much. These are people who think those who join the military are parasites “leeching off of our tax dollars.” They say military pay is too high, since military members do “very little work” (HUH?). And in rare case where they admit military members actually work, they admit their pay is much lower than for comparable civilian work, and say this is “as it should be.”

They say the military and police should be abolished as a waste of taxpayer dollars. They also consider this person a prime example of why military people are selfish leeches, and this wounded Marine as a prime example of someone who should not get veteran’s health benefits. Those were the only examples I saved, but there were a lot more. Makes me wonder if these people live on the same planet as I do.

I saw their web site yesterday at www DOT forsakethetroops DOT info (my intent was not to link, which would give them a high Google profile, but have you type in the name yourself if you want to see it). But it turns out that they are sort of leeches themselves — they web hosting provider shut them down for failing to pay their bills and starting an e-mail-writing campaign of threats and obscenities against said hosting provider. (Which proves they are not only vile and cheap, but stupid, too!) They also made the mistake of buying their domain name through their hosting provider, so they lost that, too. Go to that same web address for the hosting provider’s explanation.

Nevertheless, their viewpoint survives in a letter to the editor published in the Syracuse Post-Standard and archived here, which contains the following gems:

I don’t support our troops. Anyone who joins the military is leeching off society and draining our tax resources. We should all be so lucky – free housing (on the taxpayers’ dime) and inexpensive medical insurance, as well as a multitude of other obscene benefits.

It is no good for America. If we must have a military, make them pay for everything – just like everyone else. Eliminate free “base housing” and make them pay rent. Eliminate the “dependent allowance” and the “uniform allowance.”

I know this is obvious, but certain life experience have taught me that one has to refute even argument that are obviosuly preposterous, so I will:

What’s this this about, “If we must have a military, make them pay for everything – just like everyone else.”? Do employees normally pay for everything used to do their jobs? Do secretaries pay their employers for their desks and telephones and rent for their offices? Do plumbers pay homeowners for the right to fix their toilets? What sort of “everyone else” is this guy talking about?

It is a fitting tribute to the power of the First Amendment that they weren’t taken out and shot, too.

(Hat tip: Poisoning Pigeons)

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  1. James Adams Says:

    I saw the clip of Sean Hannity making Michael Crook look like the idiot he is. Crook was barely hanging on in that interview.

  2. JC Says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your post. Several Marine Wives and military wives that I know had recently seen the foresake the troops site and were extremely offended (as they should be). I emailed the jerk but got no response, the coward. Your post will be greatly appreciated by those that have seen both sites. Oohrah from a former Marine Wife.

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