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March 1, 2005

More Round-ups

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This week’s Grand Rounds, the weekly round-up of medical-related blogs is up, with a special restaurant-menu format. You gotta see it. Note especially the second item under “Beverages.”

Also, Instapundit manages to fit that plus four other round-ups into a single post:

And — since I seem to be linking a lot of these roundups today — don’t miss the shooters’ Carnival of Cordite, and the Jewish blog carnival and the new blog showcase carnival and the Asian blog roundup at Simon World.

I must point out that Simon has an absolutely stunning graphic at the top of his blog. Much better than I’ve got!

Also, don’t forget Carnival of the Liberated, the weekly round-up of Iraqi blogs (mostly in English), hosted at Dean’s World but written by our loyal reader Dave Schuler of The Glittering Eye.

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