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March 7, 2005

Today’s linkfests

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For more reading, check out this week’s Carnival of the Capitalists, and last weekend’s (but the most recent; I’m just slow in linking) Carnival of Cordite, which contains a link to this story about a police chief in Massachusetts who is OK leaving women defenseless against domestic violence and forcing security guards into unemployment, but is really tough when it comes to prosecuting people who lose rented videos. (OK, so I took some poetic licencse with that, but if you read that post, you may be surprised by how little I took!)

UPDATE (3/7/05 9:08pm):

Oh yes, I can’t believe I forgot this one: Arthur Chrenkoff’s Good News from Afghanistan from the past month. This is not a blog round-up, but a news round-up, and it published in OpinionJournal.com, which is of course related to the Wall Street Journal. (I have no idea if this appears in the print version as well.) Arthur, of course, has his blog here.

UPDATE (3/8/05 1:20am):

Grand Rounds 24, the weekly round-up of medical and health care blogs, is here.

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  1. Bruce Says:

    What poetic license? You ’bout nailed it.

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