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March 11, 2005

How to help kids in Iraq

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Clayton Cramer received this e-mail from a colleague who is a National Guardman deployed to Iraq:

The Digital Desert Commo v.2 newsletter was written days before the historic Iraqi election in January. That turnout and atmosphere following the elections have brought an air of progress in our area. Our commendable infantry unit, G Troop 1/82 Cavalry Scouts, determined the local villages are secure enough to allow increased medical missions. Now it is time to resume fostering good relations and do some Humvee tailgate medicine.

A frequent question in email received is, “Is there anything that you need?” Actually, the Iraqi people, particularly the children, have the needs. Consider sending old outgrown children’s shoes (new shoes may promote muggings so the shoes can be sold at market), unwanted stuffed animals (small ones only and no pigs), new or used Matchbox cars, small spongy versions of soccer and basketballs, used or new colored pencils (crayons will melt) and hard candy.

For those in the medical profession, send unwanted topicals, antibiotics (especially pediatric) and Children’s Tylenol (liquid or chewable) from your offices. Unwanted examination equipment goes a long way: blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, reflex hammers, urinalysis strips, penlights… I’m working with Dr. Ali. His medical clinic is barren and with a little generosity, he will be empowered to help his people. The Army has bureaucratic resources, but if these supplies are unused or about to be discarded, why not provide some home grown assistance? If there is something in your office that you are not sure of sending, please email.

Please send what you can. Your contributions leave a can lasting impression, the fruits of which we may never see. Today’s adult Iraqi generation will wrestle with religious and tribal differences through its fledgling democratic process. Their children and children’s children will thrive as this positive revolution ripples forward. As these gifts are given, the people will always remember the standout colors of our American flag patch and the goodness that this symbol represents.

Postage is always a concern. Apparently, the Post Office has pre-paid boxes that ship regardless of weight.

Thanks for staying tuned.

DDC, Out!

CPT Patrick Castellano
Co C 145th SP BN / 116 BCT
APO AE 09368

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