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March 22, 2005

Full Recovery from Persistent Vegetative State

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Here is yet another example of someone who was diagnosed as a “vegetable” but recovered — in this case, completely — to resume a productive life. I’m posting an excerpt, but if you have a few minutes read the whole thing.

My husband was in EXACTLY the same situation after suffering cardiac arrest while in the hospital and suffered anoxic encephalopathy, in fact, 3 separate times. First, they gave him 2 hours to live and told me to call our priest.

He was in a coma and was much worse off than Teri – he had it ALL, ventilator, feeding tube, catheter, then trach. He couldn’t breathe off the ventilator for more than 5 minutes at a time. …

The doctors said if he lived, he would likely be a “vegetable”, the social worker called me into a meeting and told me to start looking at nursing homes. His family fought me tooth and nail to pull him off of the ventilator, he was also on a feeding tube- which I refused to do. The neurologists were so convinced & insistent that my husband was severely brain damaged from his anoxic episodes, they insisted on testing him in front of me.

They would keep saying “honey, I know you want to believe he’s responding, but he’s not, he is in a persistent vegetative state.”

That was 9 years ago and if you didn’t know, you would never know anything happened to him. He lost a tiny bit of feeling in his left hand and a slight loss of peripheral vision in his left eye. He is mentally exactly like he was when he was admitted and he has had [so far] 9 very happy, very active, fulfilled, loving years. Just imagine if I had pulled him off life support when his family demanded it.

5 Responses to “Full Recovery from Persistent Vegetative State”

  1. Bobbi Scogin Says:

    I believe that Terri Schiavo should be sustained. I believe in the power of the body to
    heal itself if given all the nutrients it needs. I wonder if they have tried the glyconu
    trient complex from Mannatech, a nutraceutical research and development company based in
    Texas. It is called Ambrotose. I would not be surprised if she could make a complete
    recovery. Glycobiology is part of the top 10 technologies that will change the world,
    according to MIT. Go to the award-winning website http://www.glycoscience.org to find out more.

  2. Theresa Falencki Says:

    Michael Schiavo is AFRAID!!!! Afraid of what Terri might say if she recovers!!! The minute he decided to start a new
    family, his legal rights to Terri should have been terminated. This man is a monster, and he is getting away with murder!!
    What kind of legal system is this?!!!!! Terri hasn’t even been given a chance at recovery. Michael won’t allow it!!!!
    And to deny Terri communion?!!!! Evil lurks behind his “mask”. Don’t let evil win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anne Reed Says:

    What could it POSSIBLY hurt to take some time and do an MRI on Terri? Why
    won’t anyone do this? I can’t believe that people are willing to let
    Terri die on the say-so of a few doctors and her husband. Wouldn’t most
    people do this for a pet? This is sickening. I think she is aware of the
    things going on around her, and her parents should be able to take over
    her care!!!

  4. Darcyn Says:

    Have you people read the time lines? There was 7 years that nothing was said or done? WHy not read the logs and see who went to see her and who took care of her in this time period. It is not about money. MIchaalel schivo has been offered millions of dollars for him to give Terri up. It is about rights!!!

  5. Jack Yan Says:

    I see that there is a family in Delaware going through the same thing this year, with the mother wanting the tube removed and the father fighting it. Why can we not learn from all these examples of people who have recovered—and who fully testify that they were 100 per cent alert during their so-called persistent vegetative state?

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