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March 22, 2005

Medical Hypocrisy: Is Terri suffering?

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Yesterday, the California Medical Association passed an “emergency resolution” condemning Congress for intervening in the Schiavo case. The Association’s 1,000-member “House of Delegates” happened to be having its annual convention March 19-21, and passed it on a voice vote, with only one member objecting. (Was that one immediately deprived of his lunch ticket? Just kidding…)

Another member said that Congress was “extending Mrs. Schiavo’s suffering and violating not only her wishes but also her relationships with her physicians who have long maintained that she will not recover.”

This drips with hypocrisy on two counts:

First, since they simultaneously claim that since she’s in a “persistent vegetative state” that she feels no pain and will not suffer from starvation or dehydration. If she can’t suffer from starvation, how can she suffer from nutrition? If she can’t suffer from dehydration, how can she suffer from hydration?

Second, if she’s been unconscious or in a “persistent vegetative state” since these physicians started treating her, how can she be said to have a “relationship” with them?

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