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March 23, 2005

10-year-old boy arrested for bringing Terri water

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Photo of 10-year-old in handcuffs

Among others, Pinellas Park police have arrested a 10-year-old boy, Gabriel Keys, and his 12- and 14-year-old sisters, Cameron and Josie, for bringing water to Terri Schiavo.

Normally, the names of juveniles who are arrested are not released to the public. Even the names of juveniles arrested for murder are often not released. But we all know the normal rules don’t apply in this case.

Article here. Larger photo and caption here.

5 Responses to “10-year-old boy arrested for bringing Terri water”

  1. Darcyn Says:

    What responsible parent would let their child fight their fight? Now this child is
    is to have a record and be subjected to juvinile court because he is interfering in what should be a PRIVAATE matter!!! Exactly what are the statistics of people who go into comas for 14+ years?? when millions of people die every day from carwrecks,are abused, homeless , and no one marches on Washington on their behalf. THese people have a screw loose, caring what happens to such a minute populations when millions could be helped by this devotion. It is irresponsible,selfish ,and hypocritical to go on about one lousey life .

  2. Different River Says:

    I think a better question would be, what kind of policeman arrests a kid for trying to bring a thirsty woman a drink of water?

    As for statistics: She is not in a coma. Even the people who want to let her die don’t claim she is in a coma. They claim she is in a “persistent vegetative state” (PVS), which is a level of consciousness substantially higher than a coma. A coma involved a perpetual sleep-like state. PVS involves sleep/wake cycles, reactions to stimuli, and the ability to feel pain. This the people who want her to die acknowlege. Having said that, the diagnosis of PVS is based on the testimony of a single physician, Ronald Cranford, who examined her on one occassion for 15 minutes. Seventeen other physicians disagree, and believe she is at a much higher level of functioning than PVS. See, for example, the report of Dr. William Hammesfahr

    As to the claim that “these people” are selfish and hypocritical: These I don’t even understand. How can they be selfish when they have nothing to gain personally from Terri’s continued life? And what is hypocritical about them? They believe it is wrong for the state to order the death of an innocent person. It doesn’t matter if that innocent person is them or you of a complete stranger, so there is no hypocrisy.

    What I think is hypocritical is those who believe that it is wrong for the state to order the death of a convicted murderer, but that it is right for the state to order the death of an innocent person simply because that person’s continued life is inconvenient for other, more healthy, people. Yet, that’s what a lot of people believe.

  3. Rachel Ann Says:

    Definitely a child to fear. Water! highly dangerous.Next thing you know he’ll be giving warm blankets to the homeless and not kicking someone when they are down.

    I am getting into some heated arguments about this with others. I can’t understnd how anyone can see this as humane and loving. Food is food. She isn’t rejecting food on her own (one argument a couple of people have tried to pull) she is being murdered by withholding what we all need. Food, water.

    This world is reaching such a low level…

  4. Zev Says:

    This is really incredible.

  5. Gary Says:

    I put most of the blame on the cops. Many are very lacking in the intelligence department. They “go by the books”, like a robot with no further thought. One thing that separates good and lousy cops are their level of common sense. All this kid needed was a “ok sunny run along now”, instead of arresting the kid. Absolutely stupid cops.


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