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March 23, 2005

Harvard Hunger Strike, and Agnostic Liberal Lesbians for Feeding Terri

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Lest you think it’s only the religious right that wants Terri Schiavo to live, consider this:

Eleanor Smith of Decatur, Georgia, sat on Tuesday in a motorized wheelchair in front of the hospice, baking in the sun, with a sign on her lap reading, “This agnostic liberal says ‘Feed Terri.”‘

Smith, 65, had polio as a child and described herself as a lesbian and a liberal who had demonstrated before in support of the disabled and causes supported by the conservative establishment’s archfoe, the American Civil Liberties Union.

“What drew me here is the horror of the idea of starving someone to death who’s vulnerable and who has not asked that to happen,” Smith said.

“At this point I would rather have a right-wing Christian decide my fate than an ACLU member,” Smith said.

Also, Harvard University students have begun a hunger strike for Terri, as noted by Freaki.

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