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March 23, 2005

Full appeals court denies rehearing, Florida Senate says No

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The full 20-judge 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has denied a request for a rehearing of the 2-1 decision of the 3-judge panel denying an emergency injunction to feed Terri Schiavo.

If you can’t say that three times, here’s a summary: “No.”

Here’s the order. One judge filed a 5-page dissenting opinion. That’s it — there’s no opinion supporting the order. My lawyer-wife says this is probably normal in this sort of case.

Meanwhile, around 3:15pm ET, I heard on the radio a press conference by Governor Jeb Bush. He seemed to be implying that he had the executive authority, via the Department of Children and Families, to take her into protective custody.

But he didn’t say it outright, and he seemed to be waiting for the Florida Senate to act. Just now (4:48pm ET) I heard that the Florida Senate rejected the relevant bill by a vote of 18-21. Apparently, one Senator who was going to vote with Terri switched her vote at the last minute.

Randall Terry is now headed to the Governor’s office to plead for him to do something.

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