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March 28, 2005

Maybe they should tax the sheriffs instead…

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The state of Maine is considering a 7% tax on legal guns and ammunition to pay for courthouse security. The reason?

[G]un control advocates like Bill Harwood of Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence saw a clear connection between gun owners and courthouse security. He said that gun owners contribute to the need for more court security, so they should help pay to keep firearms out of the courthouses.

Let me see if I understand this: People who buy guns legally (and thus can be taxed) “contribute to the need for more court security” to keep out criminals, who buy their guns illegally (and thus cannot be taxed). The connection seems to be that legal gunowners have guns, and criminals also have guns, so let’s tax the legal gunowners to pay for the costs caused by criminals.

Does this make sense to any of you? If so, how about we tax ski caps, since criminals use them in holdups. In fact, bank robbers probably buy their ski caps legally, and own them legally, so the connection is even stronger!

Of course, this was also justified on the basis of the courthouse shooting in Atlanta earlier this month. But in that case, the shooter got the gun by overpowering a sheriff’s deputy who was guarding him. So, perhaps it would be a better idea to tax sheriff’s deputies, since they “contribute to the need for more court security” far more than legal gun owners who rarely have business in court.

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