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March 29, 2005

CBS releases Terri’s obituary — in advance

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CBS, previously known for releasing forged memos purporting to related to President Bush’s military service, released an obituary for Terri Schiavo even though she is, at this writing, still alive. Actually, they released it yesterday. They pulled it off their web site, but not before Glenn Beck got a copy. (Non-PDF copy here.) Everything is filled in except the date, which is written as “March TK, 2005.”

Now, prewritted obituaries are nothing new — newspapers are reputed to keep “current” obituaries on famouse people currently in perfect health — but there is something different about this one — it contains an account of Terri’s “death,” including the “fact” that Michael was at her bedsite, and his alleged immediate post-death comments to Larry King.

Michael Schiavo, who was at the bedside of his wife Terri when she died, told Larry King that he lives now with another woman with whom he has two children.

“I can love more than one person,” he told King. “Everybody can do that.”

According to friends and relatives, Michael Schiavo was Terri’s only love. His big-but-tight-knit family took in Michael’s bride, and she befriended his siblings, including his brother, Scott.

Keep in mind that this story was released on the CBS website on Monday, March 28, and that Terri is still alive as of Tuesday, March 29 (12:50pm). CBS is clearly making stuff up. But they’ve been doing that for years.

4 Responses to “CBS releases Terri’s obituary — in advance”

  1. Donna Says:

    That is just reprehensible…

  2. romy Says:

    definitely reprehensible, but all they are “making up” as far as i can tell is the fact of her death, not the information about her life. granted, it would be quite an oversight, but … i guess i’d rather err on the side of caution and say someone at CBS made a mistake.

  3. Different River Says:

    You are both right. Sure, someone at CBS made a mistake. And it was a reprehensible one. And, under the circumstances, tasteless. And it wouldn’t be all that notable, except that CBS tends to make these “mistakes” with a very high degree of frequency (fake memos, etc.).

    (Note that I filed this under “Media” not “Law.”)

  4. Tom McPhail Says:

    What’s the big deal. All major media outlets have ready made obits for high profile deaths–like the Pope etc., so why the fenzie about CBS–unless someone likes any reason to bash it for doing their job and being ready for breaking news.

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