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March 30, 2005

$100,000 for any neurologist who can diagnose PVS from a CT scan

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Dr. Thomas Boyle, the radiologist who analyzed Terri Schiavo’s CT scan here and said it’s no worse than those of some other people who actually walking and talking (if a bit impaired), has severely criticized the claims of some neurologists — especially Dr. Ronald Cranford, who claims to be a neurologist/bioethicist — that Terri is in PVS on the basis of that scan.

He is now offering a challenge: $100,000 to any neurologist involved in the Schiavo case who can diagnose PVS from a CT scan. And $125,000 for any neurologist who is also bioethicist. The rules:

To prove my point I am offering $100,000 on a $25,000 wager for ANY neurologist (and $125,000 for any neurologist/bioethicist) involved in Terri Schiavo’s case–including all the neurologists reviewed on television and in the newspapers who can accurately single out PVS patients from functioning patients with better than 60% accuracy on CT scans.

I will provide 100 single cuts from 100 different patient’s brain CT’s. All the neurologist has to do is say which ones represent patients with PVS and which do not.

If the neurologist can be right 6 out of 10 times he wins the $100,000.

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