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April 1, 2005

Michael Schiavo files wrongful death lawsuit

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A grieving Michael Schiavo has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the parents of his late wife, Terri Schiavo, who died yesterday of dehydration two weeks after her feeding tube was removed. Despite their spending eight years fighting in court to prevent the removal of the tube and get her therapy for her severe brain damange, Michael Schiavo says they “didn’t try hard enough” to save his wife’s life.

When asked whether his client didn’t bear more responsibility for his wife’s death because he litigated for it for eight years, Schiavo’s attorney George Felos said, “That is a cruel thing to say to a grieving husband. It is blaming the victim. It is like blaming a woman for being raped because she’s attractive. Besides, if people can sue for injuries after diving where there was a ‘No Diving’ sign, is this really any different?”

Details on the diving lawsuit are here. Details on the Schiavo lawsuit are here.

6 Responses to “Michael Schiavo files wrongful death lawsuit”

  1. Gary Says:

    ha ha! my best Ap fool yet. But….I wouldn’t be a bit surprized with scumbags like those two.

  2. KC Says:

    :-O Ya got me. I thought how come I didnt see this?!!!! GOOD ONE!

  3. --- Says:

    For the final 15 minutes before Terri Schiavo died, Michael Schiavo ordered the Schindler’s out of the room. They were eventually escorted by police. What kind of cruel and heartless human being is Michael Schiavo to not allow the parents to be with their daughter? This behavior is absolutely reprehensible on the part of Michael Schiavo.

    Once again, this whole situation could have been avoided if Michael Schiavo would have fought like hell to give Terri therapy and rehabilitation. However, the moment that he receives the $2 million from a malpractice settlement, he wants her dead. Any normal and loving husband would fight to the end to find treatment for their wife.

  4. --- Says:

    Michael Schiavo is truly a piece of trash and does not deserve anybody’s support. Michael Schiavo
    is the murderer. He has some nerve to file a wrongful death lawsuit. It should be the parentsof
    Terri Schiavo that files the wrongful death lawsuit, since this whole situation would have
    been avoided if Michael Schiavo truly loved his wife like he claimed. Any normal, loving husband
    would fight like hell to find treatment. He choose to fight like hell to refuse treatment.
    What a cold and heartless bastard.

  5. anyone who Says:

    anyone who believed that story and was immediately outraged is a complete idiot

  6. Different River Says:

    anyone who: Lighten up. It was a parody, posted on April 1, with a link to a page with “details” that said “April Fool.”

    In the emotions of the moment — Terri Schiavo had just died — and with all the lawyering going on and all the ridiculous contradictory claims Michael Schiavo had made to different courts — it was just believable enough. Which is why it’s a good April Fool. Just plausible enough that everyone believes it for a moment.

    It’s also a commentary on how crazy the legal environment has become, that something like this is plausible enough to be an April Fool. Which is really the point I was trying to make when I posted it.

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