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April 1, 2005

Sunni non-participation?

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AP Story here:

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Influential Sunni Muslim clerics who once condemned Iraqi security force members as traitors made a surprise turnaround Friday and encouraged citizens to join the nascent police and army.

Ahmed Abdul Ghafour al-Samarrai, a cleric in the Association of Muslim Scholars, read the edict during a sermon at a major Sunni mosque in Baghdad. He said it was necessary for Sunnis to join the security forces to prevent Iraqi police and army from falling into “the hands of those who have caused chaos, destruction and violated the sanctities.”

James Taranto’s comment:

Don’t forget, back in January the doomsayers were urging the postponement of Iraq’s election for fear of Sunni nonparticipation leading to a civil war. Their streak of wrong predictions remains unbroken.

These “doomsayers” were the same ones who said in 2001 that we couldn’t get rid of the Taliban since no foreign army had ever succeeded in Afghanistan (OK, so ours was the first), then in 2003 said it would be a house-to-house fight for every city in Iraq, especially Baghdad, not realizing that most Iraqis were praying for a US invasion. They also said the “Arab street” would rise up and destroy us if we invaded Iraq; instead, protesters in Beirut are asking “Where is Bush?” as if he is supposed to order an invasion whenever the people in a country are sick of their dictator. (See also here.)

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