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April 6, 2005

Rosa Parks Redux

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If you follow these things, you’ll know by now that the U.S. goverment has been given five, and only five, official seats for the Pope’s funeral. These seats will be filled by President and Mrs. Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and former Presidents Clinton and G.H.W. Bush.

Some are portraying this as a snub of Jimmy Carter, despite the fact that, according to Reuters, Carter was invited but declined.

Now, Laura Ingraham is reporting that on the Today , Matt Lauer said, “Why doesn’t Secretary of State Rice step aside and say “you take my spot, former President Carter?” He apparently said this both in reference to her seat at the funeral, and her seat on Air Force One for the flight over there.

Now if I recall correctly, the last time a Black woman from Alabama was asked to give up her seat for a White Southern man, the woman was Rosa Parks, and it turned out very badly for the future of the Democratic Party in the South….

(By the way, does anyone know if Cyrus Vance gave up his seat to Richard Nixon for either of the Papal funerals in 1978?)

3 Responses to “Rosa Parks Redux”

  1. romy Says:

    (i bet no one knows.)

  2. Snowdancer Says:

    Powerful comparison!

  3. Different River Says:

    I recently heard on the radio that no previous president has ever attended a Papal funeral. So, I’ll take that as a “no.”

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