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April 10, 2005

Good news! Mae Magouirk is back in the hospital

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Mae Magouirk is the woman who was being starved to death on the orders of her granddaughter, in direct contravention to the terms of her “living will,” and (at first) on the basis of the granddaughter’s false claim to have a medical power of attorney for her. Mrs. Magouirk is neither terminal, nor comatose, nor vegetative, nor does anyone claim she is. She had an aortic disection, a potentially fatal event which in her case was contained with surgery and is no longer life-threatening. She also is vision-impaired due to glaucoma. She was being kept unconscious artifically with with morphine and ativan (a tranquillizer).

It appears now that Mrs. Magouirk is safe — she is in a different hospital, where she is being treated for dehydration.

Her granddaughter was (and I guess still is) the sole beneficiary of her will.

I have more information, but no time to type right now, so I’ll try to post again on this later. In the meantime, you can search Google on her name if you’re interested.

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