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May 11, 2005

History teaches some people nothing

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This post by Val Prieto at Babalú Blog is so good and to-the-point it’s worth repeating verbatim:

Sometimes all you have to do is read the first line, the first quote, of an article or story and know, absolutely and undoubtedly, that it is full of s***.

Case in point, from the People’s Weekly World:

DES MOINES, Iowa – “The word of God and communism are hand in hand,” said Diana Sowry, a school bus driver from Ashtabula County, Ohio. She was one of a group of clergy and lay people participating in a conference on religion sponsored by the Communist Party USA here April 15-16.

Emphasis mine.

“The word of God and communism are hand in hand.” Unbelievable. And so staunchly quoted despite the fact that the first thing to be prohibited in any communist country is, of course, religion.

Maybe they are trying to commit an assisted suicide, by bringing to power communists who will then kill them for believing in God. Or maybe I’m assuming they are more rational than they really are. On thing I’ve learned over the years — there are some people out there who are just really, really stupid. Not that many, but enough that sometimes they show up in the papers.

ATM Theft

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Beware of unusual appendages on ATMs.

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