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June 3, 2005

Health Care Liveblogging

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I’m going to have to declare a brief (hopefully) blogging hiatus, for at least Friday and Saturday. I hope to be back online Sunday, or Tuesday at the latest.

I’m going to be using that time to do my share to increase our nation’s level of health care spending. Which is to say, I’ll be in the hospital having a ridiculously expensive device implanted in me, and have some drug dosages determined under controlled conditions. None of which would be possible if I lived in Canada or the UK.

I normally don’t talk about personal things on this blog, since I figure my life is not that interesting to most people, but I think I might make an exception here, because I think my experience as a health economist might give me some perspective other patients might not have, and that might be interesting to some people.

I was going to try liveblogging the actual surgery, which would have really impressed Glenn Reynolds, but I don’t think the doctors would go along with that. I may have internet access in the hospital starting on Sunday (or better yet, I might even be home by then), so maybe I can get some blogging done then.

See you all later!

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