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June 8, 2005

The Royal Cambodian Blog

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For quite a while I’ve had a link on my blogroll to Commonwealth Conservative, an pseudonymous blogger who claims to be the first elected official to be blogging while in office.

Now, King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia is reported to be the first royal blogger. Technically, one might consider him the first ex-royal blogger, since he retired — that is, abdicated in favor of his son last year — but he also abdicated in favor of his father in 1955 and then became King again in 1960, so I guess you never know. That previous link is to a file called “king-cv.htm” which is probably the only file in the entire world with a name like that (except possibly referring to someone whose surname is “King”). I mean, really — how many Kings need a CV? This report from CNN is very interesting, and is where I found out about this. CNN being “old media” of course, it had the story but no actual link to the actual blog, which I finally found here. Also, the group blog Discarded Lies has offered to let His Majesty join them.

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