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June 12, 2005

Desecrating the Koran?

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I haven’t blogged about the Newsweek story alleging that U.S. interrogators flushed copies of the Koran down the toilet, a story which pormpted riots in which 18 people were killed before the story was proven false. Basically, I left that story to other bloggers and commentators because they covered it well, and I was busy that week. But here’s a story of Koran desecration that hasn’t gotten as much coverage:

A Muslim girl from Taibeh [in the West Bank] was punished by Allah and turned into a dog, according to rumors that have been circulating in the Arab-Israeli town this week, Arab-language newspaper Panorama reported.

According to the rumors, the harsh punishment was meted out after the girl, upset by her mother’s request to bring her the Quran as she was watching television, threw the holy Muslim book at the mother with disdain.

Now, this raises a number of interesting issues:

  1. What kind of dog was it? I’ve read recently that Islam views dogs in general as evil, but black dogs as particularly so.
  2. Since no U.S. servicemen or interrogators have turned into dogs, can this be regarded as conclusive proof that the Newsweek story is false?
  3. Most non-Islamic westerners, whether they believe in some other religion (except maybe Wicca) or none at all, are not going to believe this story, probably because they’ve never heard of a person being turned into a dog, and western science has no way of explaining how it could even happen. If Muslims believe this story, does this prove that they are more open-minded and less prejudiced — and therefore more peaceful — than westerners?

Just wondering…

(Hat tip: Steven Plaut.)

4 Responses to “Desecrating the Koran?”

  1. hana Says:

    that is what she get and i would understand if here mother would
    not keep her if she did that and i was her mother she wold be
    dead by now bececouse if she threw the quran then what will she
    do next?

  2. Killuminati Says:

    i have seen many different reporters photos of the girl and she is half girl half dog, she apppears to be a dog with human features. the pictures do look real and do not seem to be edited or created by computer.

  3. mohib Says:

    why this

  4. Different River Says:

    Yes, they really do believe these things
    I’ve been getting some interesting comments on this blog, with people defending positions that I find utterly indefensible. While it is tempting to write these comments off as the rantings of fools and ignore (or even delete) them, the fact is that m…

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