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June 17, 2005

Senator Dick Durbin calls American Troops “Nazis”

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Folks, I’m not making this stuff up. If I had tried to imagine the most offensive, inappropriate, false and slanderous thing a United States Senator could say, I could not have come up with something as offensive, inappropriate, false and slanderous as what Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) said on the floor of the Senate this past Tuesday.

[D]escribing what Americans had done to prisoners in their control, you would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime–Pol Pot or others–that had no concern for human beings. Sadly, that is not the case. This was the action of Americans in the treatment of their prisoners.

What was he complaining about? Among other things, this report:

Dripping Water or Playing Christina Aguilera Music: After the new measures are approved, the mood in al-Qahtani’s interrogation booth changes dramatically. The interrogation sessions lengthen. The quizzing now starts at midnight, and when Detainee 063 dozes off, interrogators rouse him by dripping water on his head or playing Christina Aguilera music.

So let’s get this straight:

  • Hitler’s Nazis killed 9-10 million civilians, including 6 million Jews killed for no other reason than they were Jewish, between 1939 and 1945 (not including those killed on the battlefield, or in air bombardment of cities).
  • The “Soviets in the gulags” killed an estimated 50 million people between 1930 and 1940, usually for their political opinions or religious beliefs, or for having “capitalist ancestry.”
  • Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge killed an estimated 1.5-2.0 million people — about 1 in 5 Cambodians — for “crimes” like opposing communism, having too much education, living in a city, or merely wearing glasses (which meant your were an “intellectual” and thus insufficiently proletarian)

And Dick Durbin, the Senator from Illinois, thinks these are equivalent to:

This is not just a lack of perspective. This is a total lack of moral clarity of any kind. If Dick Durbin can’t tell the difference between murdering millions of perfectly innocent people, and playing loud music to try to get a terrorist captured in battle or in a known Al-Qaeda hideout to tell us where the other terrorists are, then Dick Durbin has no moral sense whatever.

As if to prove my point, when Dick Durbin was called on the carpet about this, he steadfastly refused to apologize, and instead continued to lie:

CHICAGO (AP) – Sen. Dick Durbin refused to apologize Wednesday for comments he made on the Senate floor comparing the actions of American soldiers at Guantanamo Bay to Nazis, Soviet gulags and a “mad regime” like Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot’s in Cambodia.

Durbin’s comments created a buzz on the Internet Wednesday, fueled by sound bites of his speech on radio talk shows. By Wednesday afternoon, Illinois Republican Party Chairman Andy McKenna asked Durbin to apologize.

“Senator Durbin’s comments come as a great disservice to our military personnel in Guantanamo,” McKenna said in a statement. “They are also a great disservice to all U.S. soldiers and veterans who have fought, and continue to fight, to overcome evil regimes and spread democracy around the world.”

Durbin did not plan to apologize for the comments, spokesman Joe Shoemaker said.

“This administration should apologize to the American people for abandoning the Geneva Conventions and authorizing torture techniques that put our troops at risk and make Americans less secure,” Durbin said in a statement Wednesday evening.

This last part is a complete lie. I should not have to state what should be well-known to everyone who follows the news, not least a U.S. Senator, but obviously it needs to be stated:

  • The administration has not “abandon[ed] the Geneva Conventions” — the Geneva Conventions explicitly apply only to uniformed combatants. They do not apply to terrorists or other “unlawful combatants” — but the adminstration decided to give the terrorists the same protections anyway.
  • The administration has not “authoriz[ed] torture techniques” — on the contrary, the administration has specifically forbidden torture techniques, and even prohobited some aggressive interrogation techniques that fall far short of “torture.” See these Department of Defense memos here and here.
  • Interrogating terrorists does not “put our troops at risk” — in fact, it does the opposite. Numerous terrorists have been caputred on the basis of information provided by captured terrorists under interrogation at Guantánamo and elsewhere.
  • Interrogating terrorists does not “make Americans less secure” — in fact, it does the opposite. The fact that there has not been a single major terrorist attack on American soil — or even on any American target outside of Iraq — since 9/11/2001 gives lie to Durban’s statement. If “less secure” means “no terrorist attacks” then by all means, let’s have “less secure.” More likely, of course, by “less secure” Durbin means “Bush in office” — and “more secure” will mean more terrorist attacks so that Democrats like Durbin benefit politically.

Dick Durbin has slandered American troops, insulted the memory of tens of millions of victims of Nazis and Communists, and shown more sympathy for murderous terrorists than innocent victims. He is an embarrassment to the United States Senate and the people of Illinois. He should resign immediately.

And if the people of Illinois re-elect this poor excuse for a human being, they should secede and invite the terrorists to live there. Let’s see how long the Sears Tower remains standing if Dick Durbin ever gets his way.

Comment from the “Religion of Peace”

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I know not everybody reads the comments, but I would like to draw special attention to this comment, from someone who seems to be a Muslim, on the post about a girl who was allegedly turned into a dog for mistreating a copy of the Koran. I can’t tell if the commenter thinks the “punishment” was appropriate or insufficient.

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