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July 19, 2005

The Gulag of North Korea

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I think the story of the horrible torture and deliberate starvation of North Koreans by the government of North Korea is not getting enough attention here in the U.S. — or anywhere else where this blog is readable, for that matter.

As a reminder, consider this story:

A North Korean defector who survived 10 years in a prison labor camp said he told President Bush last month that the United States should do more to help those who flee the communist regime.

‘The people who are at the camps, the [North Korean] government wants to kill them all,’ Kang Chol-hwan said in an interview with The Washington Times. ‘Instead of executing them, they kill them slowly, making them work in forced labor. That was the hardest part.’
Mr. Kang, 37, said prisoners are fed very small portions of corn and salt that make it ‘impossible to survive’ without additional food. As a result, prisoners survive by eating cooked rats and snakes, and live lizards, he said.

And these are the lucky ones.

(Hat tip: The Amateur Economist)

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