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July 20, 2005

Father of 9/11 Hijacker Speaks Out

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From the London Daily Mail:

Father of 9/11 hijacker warns of 50-year war

11:56am 20th July 2005

The father of one of the September 11 hijackers said today he had no sorrow for what had happened in London and claimed more terrorist attacks would follow.

Egyptian Mohamed el-Amir, whose son Mohamed Atta commandeered the first plane that crashed into the World Trade Centre in New York, said there was a double standard in the way the world viewed the victims in London and victims in the Islamic world.

El-Amir said the attacks in the US and the July 7 attacks in Britain were the beginning of what would be a 50-year religious war, in which there would be many more fighters like his son.

Speaking to a CNN producer in his apartment in the upper-middle-class Cairo suburb of Giza, he declared that terror cells around the world were a “nuclear bomb that has now been activated and is ticking”.

Cursing in Arabic, el-Amir also denounced Arab leaders and Muslims who condemned the London attacks as being traitors and non-Muslims.

He passionately vowed that he would do anything within his power to encourage more attacks.

So much for the theories that (1) terrorism is caused by the desperation of poverty, and (2) that the motivations of Islamic terrorists have nothing to do with Islam.

Google Maps the Moon

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In honor of the 36th anniversary of the first moon landing, on July 20, 1969, Google Maps has added some moon data to the Google Maps interface, so you can now zoom, pan, and otherwise explore the surface of the moon. The sites of the moon landings are marked.

Now, the regular Google Maps allows you to look at either a street map or a satellite image of an area, but Google Moon has only images. Wonder why… ;-)

(Hat tip: FrankJ at IMAO.)

Credibility Gap

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The traditional media has always been a bit condescending and dissmissive of the Internet, as if the Internet has no credibility. When pressed for something other than dissmissiveness, they usually resort to a claim that web sites have “no editors” and “no fact-checkers.” Of course, the most famous such incident was when Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report reported that Monica Lewinsky had a blue dress with President Clinton’s “evidence” on it, and this was dismissed as obviously false since it was from an “internet gossip site.”

Until the dress showed up. Whereupon no one admitted that the “edited” and “fact-checked” media got it wrong, but one guy with one computer in a cheap apartment in L.A. got it right.

This sort of thing keeps happening. I don’t know why anybody regards the “major” newspapers has having any credibility. Here’s the latest example, in which the Los Angeles Times mdae a gross factual error in the print edition, then changed the web version and neglected to issue a correction. Patterico has a scan of print edition.

Here’s another example, from the Seattle Times.

Great moments in inappropriate online advertising

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Read the comments to see why this is not entirely accidental….

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