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July 20, 2005

Credibility Gap

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The traditional media has always been a bit condescending and dissmissive of the Internet, as if the Internet has no credibility. When pressed for something other than dissmissiveness, they usually resort to a claim that web sites have “no editors” and “no fact-checkers.” Of course, the most famous such incident was when Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report reported that Monica Lewinsky had a blue dress with President Clinton’s “evidence” on it, and this was dismissed as obviously false since it was from an “internet gossip site.”

Until the dress showed up. Whereupon no one admitted that the “edited” and “fact-checked” media got it wrong, but one guy with one computer in a cheap apartment in L.A. got it right.

This sort of thing keeps happening. I don’t know why anybody regards the “major” newspapers has having any credibility. Here’s the latest example, in which the Los Angeles Times mdae a gross factual error in the print edition, then changed the web version and neglected to issue a correction. Patterico has a scan of print edition.

Here’s another example, from the Seattle Times.

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