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July 24, 2005

John Roberts and the “Politics of Personal Destruction”

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Does anyone remember how Clinton’s supporters called for an end to the “Politics of Personal Destruction” in connection with the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal? Or how Kerry’s supports used the same phrase to accuse Bush during the 2004 campaign?

Well let’s see what some Democrats think is perfectly legitimate discourse, now that Bush has nominated John Roberts to the Supreme Court.

First, the liberal blog Daily Kos accused Judge Roberts’ son of being gay:

Did You Catch His Wife

When Roberts thanked his family, he mentioned his son, Jack…Roberts’ wife’s face fell. It was like a poker tell. I think we should research Jack.

He’s probably gay

Of course, this is how ridiculous rumors get started, but extreme conservatives seem to have a lot of homosexual children…

It took nearly a full day before someone on that blog noticed that:

Say What?

Dude….the kid is FOUR YEARS OLD.

Well hey, don’t liberals believe that people are born gay or straight? If so, then why can’t a four-year-old be gay? (I mean, if you accept the usual liberal assumptions).

Of course, it couldn’t end there. Now, several commentators including Ann Althouse, Wonkette,
Reasoned Audacity
are saying that a New York Times article seems calculated to imply that Judge Roberts himself is gay. As Ann Althouse put it:

I do think the NYT piece was subtly constructed to plant this idea. Just look at the series of photographs they chose: young John in plaid pants, young John with his boys’ school pals, young John in a wrestling suit with his fellow wrestlers, John with footballers, and — the final pic — John smiling in an all-male wedding photograph. The article also says Roberts married his wife when both were in their forties and that that their children were adopted.

Now you would think that this is really weird, because the oh-so-tolerant liberals are always claiming there’s nothing wrong with being gay and the conservatives (like Judge Roberts?) are the ones who were intolerant. But of course it’s not that simple. Turns out it’s OK only when liberals are gay. Conservatives who are gay should be publicly humiliated for it.

Even more revealing, there is an extensive argument in the Ann Althouse’s comments as to whether it is ethical to “be gay” but choose live a straight live, marry a person of the opposite sex, raise children, and so on. I thought liberals were supposed to be “pro-choice.” Some things, you can’t believe even if you see them… .

And, of course, the Los Angeles Times is attacking Judge Roberts’ wife. No partriarchal, chauvanistic, don’t-attack-the-ladies chivalry there at the Times. After all, there’s a scandal! The scandal is … (drumroll please) …

Wife of Nominee Holds Strong Antiabortion Views
By Richard A. Serrano, Times Staff Writer

WASHINGTON — While Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr.’s views on abortion triggered intense debate on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, there is no mistaking where his wife stands: Jane Sullivan Roberts, a lawyer, is [Gasp!] ardently against abortion.

A Roman Catholic [Oh, the horror!] like her husband [more horror!], Jane Roberts has been deeply involved [deeply!] in the antiabortion [crime syndicate!] movement. She provides her name [gasp!], money [gasp!] and professional advice [gasp!] to a small Washington organization — Feminists for Life of America — that offers counseling and educational programs [gasp!]. The group has filed legal briefs [indecent!] before the high court challenging the constitutionality of abortion [, truth, justice, freedom, and the the abolotion of slavery and child sacrifice -- wait, scratch that last one].

Gosh, I think we need a special prosecutor for this one!

(Hat tip for the first link I saw on this: Clayton Cramer.)

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