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August 18, 2005

What al-Qaida Really Wants

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A Caliphate in Seven Easy Steps. Worldwide. By the year 2020.

Step 1 is complete. Step 2 is in progress. We have been warned.

Hat tip: Eye of Polyphemus

2 Responses to “What al-Qaida Really Wants”

  1. Stuart Berman Says:

    I thought we already ‘knew’ what the al-Qaida really wants – changes to our unfair foreign policy, getting an even deal with Israel, just getting along…

    Seriously – nice reference – sometimes Der Spiegel has great English stories. There should be enough documnetation by al-Qaida that the pieces are all laid out. I read in the British Press about recruiting efforts targeting computer engineers, this piece explains why and when they will put to use.

    Given such a clear plan makes you wonder how and if we can disrupt their plans.

  2. My kids’ Dad Says:

    Don’t lose these!
    al-Qaeda’s 7 phase strategy, the good we have done and good advice

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