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August 19, 2005

Protected Species = Endangered Property

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Capital Freedom explains how the government can take your house and give it to the birds (literally) and not pay you even a penny for it. And she has more examples.

Corpses on Display

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Twenty human corpses are being displayed to the public. “Nearly all bodies and body parts are stripped of flesh so that internal organs, tissue, muscles, veins and bones are exposed.”

But this time it isn’t Westerners killed by Islamofascists displayed for propaganda — it’s being called “art.”

The reason given: “It sells tickets.”

At least one person claims to have given up smoking, belief in evolution, and support for abortion after seeing the exhibit. Which was probably not the intention of the Ph.D. anatomist and the avant-garde artists who put the exhibit together. Hmmm….

“Pope Warns of Increase in Anti-Semitism”

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That’s the headline on an AP story describing Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to a synagogue in Cologne (Köln), Germany. A synagogue that was destroyed by the Nazis but has since been rebuilt. This is only the second Pope ever to make a public visit to a synagogue, and the first was by this Pope’s immediate predecessor.

It hasn’t been much more than a century since a Pope would have been worried about a descrease, rather than an increase, in antisemitism — and it’s only been a little bit longer than that since Popes were ordering the destruction of synagogues.

Sometimes things actually do get better!

Attackers Fire Missiles at U.S. Navy Ship

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Attackers Fire Missiles at U.S. Navy Ship

Aug 19, 9:11 AM (ET)


AMMAN, Jordan (AP) – Attackers fired at least three rockets from Jordan early Friday, with one narrowly missing a docked U.S. Navy ship and killing a Jordanian soldier. It was the most serious militant attack on the Navy since the USS Cole was bombed in 2000.

Another rocket fell close to a nearby airport in neighboring Israel, officials said. Jordanian and Israeli authorities said militants fired three Katyusha rockets from a warehouse in the Jordanian Red Sea port of Aqaba.

Once upon a time, firing missiles at another country’s Navy ship was considered an act of war. As was firing a missile into a neighboring country. And the country from which the missiles were fired was responsible.

Now, I wonder what they will call it.

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