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August 25, 2005

Where the Blood runs in the Streets, Again

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Moshe Simons writes:

I sit facing my computer, and words fail me. I have just witnessed one of the most tragic and traumatic events of my life.

A Jewish young man died in my arms tonight. His sin? Being Jewish in Jerusalem.

At about 8:25 this evening, we got a call from the MDA dispatcher about a stabbing on David Street – the Arab shuk leading from Jaffa Gate to the Kotel. I immediately left my apartment and sped over to the chaotic scene not far from there on a Hatzolah ambu-cycle.

Upon arrival, a horrible sight greeted me. A young Jewish man, lying in a pool of his own blood, with a 15″ knife sticking out of his stomach. After being at many bombings, car accidents and other traumatic events, this scene had the distinction of being the worst one I have ever seen.

His skin a very pale color, and his eyes half open, I reached him. The only people around were police officers, who didn’t really know what to do. The young Jewish man was not breathing, and he had no pulse.

This is the nightmare of any EMT. Alone, as the only person with medical training at the scene, there is not much you can do. Many tasks need to be done, and many people are needed to do them. Starting CPR, connecting oxygen, starting numerous IV’s due to massive blood loss …

What was the young man’s crime? What did he do wrong? To us, the residents of the Old City, these answers are clear. The Arabs want us out of Israel — out of Jerusalem.

The terrorism will continue — and will get much worse in Jerusalem. One thing I can tell you — we won’t run. We will stand firm, and remain here until one side wins — us or them. The battle is for the soul of the Land of Israel — let no one think otherwise.

The full article is here.

Note that the Gaza withdrawal was supposed to end this sort of thing. The Oslo accords were also supposed to end this sort of thing. When will they realize that there is no diplomatic solution to terrorism? The inherent nature of terrorism is that the diplomats can disclaim any responsibility for it, so by its very nature there can be no diplomatic or negotiated end to it.

Exploiting Dead Soldiers

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Cindy Sheehan is exploiting the death of her son Casey for political purposes. Lots of people think this is alright, because (a) even though it was Casey who was killed, Cindy has presumably also suffered the loss of her son, so perhaps she is exploiting her own misfortune, which is not the same as exploiting someone else’s, and/or (b) he’s her son, so maybe she has the right to exploit his death.

But Cindy and her supporters are going beyond that — they are exploiting the deaths of other soldiers, without permission of their families.

As Mark in Mexico points to an this article:

Military families disturbed by a sea of crosses erected by anti-war protesters near President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, have removed crosses bearing the names of their fallen children and transferred them to another site to show support for American troops in Iraq.
Anti-war protesters “never asked for my permission to put up a cross for my son for their cause,” said Gary Qualls, whose son was killed in Iraq. “They are not respecting our sons and daughters.”
The rival cross camps are evidence of a growing public backlash against the anti-war campaign of California activist Cindy Sheehan, who blames Mr. Bush for son Casey’s death in Iraq and has called for immediate U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mark adds:

As of yesterday morning at least 17 crosses bearing KIA American’s names had been removed by family members, many of those 17 more than once. Mr. Qualls has had to remove his son’s crosses 3 different times because the heartless and disrespectful anti-war leftists keep putting them back up. Some mothers of Fort Hood soldiers killed in Iraq who found duplicate crosses of their fallen loved ones presented one cross each to Fort Qualls and took the duplicates home with them.

Has this been reported on the daily TV news (CNN/ABC/CBS/NBC)? I’m asking because I don’t watch them, but I’m curious. Does anyone out there watch them?

Public Service Annoucement

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I just want to let everyone know, in case you ever buy a house and borrow money to do so, that if you are asked to sign a “lock-in agreement” specifying the interest rate and terms of the loan, be aware that despite the name, nothing is actually “locked in.” The mortgage company can change the interest rate and/or the terms, if they claim they “just made a mistake” by promising a rate and terms that are “not available.” They may ask you if you want the promised rate by worse terms, or the promise terms at a higher rate, or they may just “offer” you both a higher rate and worse terms. But of course, they will be happy to explain, this not a bait-and-switch, since they “just made a mistake.”

Of course, if you “just made a mistake” and based your payments on the rate and terms promised in writing, they will be more than happy to foreclose and take your house.

This concludes today’s public service announcement. Thank you for listening.

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