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August 30, 2005

Hurricane Damage

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Half of Tulane University has been destroyed and they announced they are renaming it Onelane University.

Arab-Israeli Patriot Stops Terrorist Act, Saves Lives

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Like most things, the Arab-Israeli situation is not as simple as it seems to outsiders:

Heroic Bedouin Patriot Saves Israeli Lives

[By Steven Plaut]

Lu’ay Abu Juma, 27, is a Bedouin from Israel’s south.  Yesterday he was working as a guard at the Beer Sheba bus station in southern Israel.  The Beer Sheba station had already been the target of Palestinian Islamofascist terrorists, who had committed a mass murder there last year.   Abu Jama was on guard with his friend Pavel Srotzkin, 23, an immigrant from Russia, when they saw a suspicious looking Arab.

In an act of racial profiling, the Bedouin and his Russian Jewish friend positioned themselves to prevent the Arab from entering the station.   The Arab blew himself up.  Both guards were seriously hurt.  The Bedouin lost an eye and sustained other severe wounds.  But no one was killed in the blast.  No one knows how many Israeli lives were saved by the hero.

Most people do not even know that Bedouin patriots serve in the Israeli Defense Forces.  Those interested should read my book about them.

Israeli Bedouin troops have been targeted for a campaign of vilification by the terrorists from the ISM = International Solidarity Movement, one of whose members was hurt when a Bedouin fired back at Palestinian terrorists being protected by the ISM "human shield."

Remember, the Gaza withdrawal was supposed to end this sort of attack. However, Jerusalem NewsWire reports that:

A senior Palestinian Authority official [PA National Security Advisor Jibril Rajoub] said the attempted massacre of Jewish civilians in Beersheva Sunday morning was a legitimate response to Israel’s ongoing war on Palestinian terror.

It is barely a week since the last Jewish residents were evicted from Gaza under the theory that this would bring peace and an end to Palestinian terrorism — and
already the attacks are not only continuing, but Palestinian Authority itself is claiming they are “legitimate.”

Before, they were at least condeming terrorism in public even as they directed it coverty — but now they feel safe enough to openly claim that terrorism is just fine, and that terrorism is in fact a legitimate response to Israel’s attempts to prevent terrorism!

Under this logic, terrorism against Israel is always OK — if Israel does nothing, then it’s OK since Israel doesn’t object. If Israel responds by trying to prevent terrorism, then terrorism is a legitimate response to those efforts. And if Israel responds by giving in to Palestinian demands (e.g., evicting all Jews from Palestinian-majority neighborhoods), then terrorism against Israel is better than OK, since it works!

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