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September 5, 2005

One German Journalist’s View of the Hurricane

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Ray D. at Davids Medienkritik reports on this article by German journalist by Philipp Mausshardt:

Yet joy and sympathy beat simultaneously in my chest. I am, for example, joyful at the moment that the latest hurricane catastrophe hasn’t again hit some poor land, but instead the richest country in the world.

Yes, I even see in that a form of balancing justice for that which the inhabitants of that country have done to others through their war in Iraq.

I would, however, be even more happy, if I knew that only the houses of Bush voters and members of the Army had been destroyed.

I feel genuinely sorry for all the rest.

Boy, that “genuinely sorry” part sure shines through. He’s sorry you died, or lost your whole family, or even just all your material possessions — as long as you never joined the Army or voted for Bush.

As Ray D. pointed out:

[T]his is Germany. This is the same country where 31% of Germans under 30 believed the US government could have been behind September 11. So, in a way, we weren’t shocked …

What an enlightened thing to think: It’s just fine if people suffer, suffocate and starve, as long as they are political opponents or have a different worldview. It’s just fine if people lose their homes and drown in their own feces, as long as they are members of the US military and red-state Bush voters. It isn’t so bad that an entire city has been flooded and thousands killed and displaced because it is somehow “balancing justice” for this to be happening to the United States and not some poor nation.

And make no mistake, far more people in Germany share Mr. Mausshardt’s views than anyone is willing to admit. The only difference is that Mr. Mausshardt is extreme enough to express his opinions openly. We have already heard more than one story of other Germans expressing similar views in private. Disgusting but true.

And think about this: Is it any wonder that sick people like Mausshardt continue to turn a blind eye to the world’s most brutal dictators while they blast the United States? These are the very same people who celebrated Stalin’s holocaust sixty years ago as the brave new world. These are the very same people who locked people with different political views away to rot in Stasi prison cells. These are the very same people who still can’t admit that Germany is free and democratic today (and not one big Soviet colony) largely because of the men and women of the United States Military…ironically the very same people they wan’t to see suffer and perish today.

Perhaps this is why we will have our troops out of Iraq in a couple of years (or less), but why we still have troops in Germany 60 years after the end of World War II.

(Roy has more quotes, and pictures. Read the whole thing.)

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