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September 6, 2005

Christian Homes Torched in West Bank

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In case you thought Arab-Muslim violence was only directed against Jews (and Americans), note this:

Muslims torch 14 Christian homes near Ramallah
By Arnon Regular, Haaretz Correspondent

At least 14 houses belonging to Christian residents of Taybeh, a West Bank village northeast of Ramallah, were torched by Muslims from neighboring Dir Jarir on Sunday, to avenge what they termed the dishonor of a Muslim woman.

According to Taybeh residents, several dozen young men from Dir Jarir descended on their village before dawn, torched the homes and destroyed a great deal of other property.

“The young men, who were holding Molotov cocktails, threw them at the houses, which began to go up in flames, one after another,” said Buthaina Sha’aban, a Taybeh resident and the sister of the town’s mayor. “They vandalized parked cars and beat village residents who went out into the streets. Entire families were thrown into the street after their homes were torched. Not much remains of their property. We urge all international, Israeli and Palestinian actors to intervene and protect village residents from the Muslim rage.”

PA security sources said that the rampage was triggered by an incident last week in which a 23-year-old woman was killed by her relatives because they suspected her of carrying on a romance with a Christian man from Taybeh. The woman was quickly buried, but last Tuesday, the PA police exhumed the body for an autopsy.

I once had a landlady who was an Assyrian Christian from northern Iraq; she and her family had escaped from Saddam’s rampages with nothing, leaving behind an upper-class (by 1970s Iraqi standards anyway) life and starting over in the United States. She said they had a saying among Christians in Arab countries: “First ‘Saturday’ then ‘Sunday.’” In other words, first they direct their rhetoric and violence against the Jews, accusing the Jews of all sorts of crimes to justify violence. Then when there aren’t any Jews left to attack, they direct the same rage and violence at the Christians.

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