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September 11, 2005

The Last Prejudice

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There is just one religious/ethnic prejudice that is still socially acceptable in Liberal America (including especially the media), and that is prejudice against socially conservative Christians — especially Mormons.

What else can account for this Reuters article about Hurricane Katrina refugees in Utah, which states openly that “the local community has welcomed the refugees with open arms,” but prefaces that statement with the qualifier “So far,” and even headlines the article “Black refugees ask if Utah will really accept them”?

Every single fact in the article indicates that the local community has welcomed them with open arms, provind food, housing, and jobs for those who want to stay — and every subjective, non-factual statement in the article implies that everyone in Utah is a racist because of the Mormons. After all, not too many Blacks live in Utah, so they must be racist, right? (How come nobody asked that about Howard Dean? It’s not like Vermont has all that many Blacks.)

The fact is, this is open anti-Mormon bigotry on the part of Reuters, and it should not go unanswered.

More than just New Orleans

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With all the attention focused on New Orleans, everyone is forgetting that the main force of Hurricane Katrina hit Biloxi and Gulfport, Mississippi. Never mind water damage, lots of houses were smashed to matchsticks.

Murdoc Online has pictures from the air. Note the bridges of major highways that are completely destroyed — and the huge boat/casino thrown hundreds of feet onto dry land.

(Hat tip: InstaPundit.)

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