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September 12, 2005

Do as the Union Says, Not as the Union Does

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The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) is running a protest at a Wal-Mart in Henderson, Nevada. They are protesting low wages, low benefits, and poor working conditions.

The UFCW hired the protesters through a temp agency. The union is paying them $6/hour, with no benefits. And they have to stay outside, where the temperature is 104 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Meanwhile, inside the Wal-Mart:

“The average rate of pay for Nevada Wal-Mart workers is $10.17 an hour. We have a good insurance program, and every associate—even part-timers—are eligible for the 401k,” says [store manager] Mark Dyson. “There’s actually different levels of insurance, dental and medical—I have a $500 deductible, but there’s no cap on it. Some other companies’ plans have a $1 million cap, but here there’s no cap. For example, not long ago we had an associate whose husband needed a liver transplant, and that alone was $600,000; but they didn’t have to worry about a cap.”

Plus, inside the Wal-Mart, the workers have air conditioning.

Remember this next time (a) you see a union picket line, (b) you hear someone say Wal-Mart workers don’t have benefits, or (c) you hear a union say they are in favor of high pay, benefits, and good working conditions.

Source: Las Vegas Weekly, Sept. 8, 2005
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  1. WILLisms.com Says:

    Welcome to THE Carnival of the Capitalists. When hosting traveling blog carnivals, it is customary for the host to rank, rate, profile, hide, categorize, and otherwise filter the entries. Sometimes the better posts are near the top or are given…

  2. Neal Pheens Says:

    The best part of the story was how one picketer was a former employee who admitted he was treated well with immediate raises for good work. He had left for reasons besides working conditions. I also liked how the picketers had to buy balm at the WalMart pharmacy. The story was a hoot!

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